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Mold Testing & Mold Inspections is Small Investment with BIG Benefits

Considering the serious health risk as well as the threat to structural integrity, whenever the most remote possibility of mold infestation exists, professional investigation and testing should take place. The cost of mold testing or mold investigation is extremely small when compared to the cost of remediation if mold is left to grow and spread.

Mold testing with Indoor Microbial Specialist (IMS) is your first step towards overcoming mold and its negative effects.

You can’t fight what you can’t see, so Indoor Microbial Specialist (IMS) brings experience and technology to your facility. We pinpoint the mold in your home, office or facility and create customized plans to rid your building of any possible threats. Enjoy peace of mind and breathe easier with professional investigation and testing by IMS.

Not only does professional mold testing help identify concentrated levels of mold in your indoor air, but it provides the data necessary to develop tailored blueprints for the successful removal of mold in your home or building. Indoor Microbial Specialist (IMS) handles your mold assessment, mold testing and mold inspection, providing the data to ensure the remediation is completed successfully.

Regularly scheduled mold testing ensures that your indoor air remains clean and mold free. It is the most effective way to identify and eliminate the negative effects of mold. Maintain a happy, healthy environment with regularly scheduled mold testing by Indoor Microbial Specialist (IMS).

For more information visit us at: or call us at: 352-633-3591. IMS is Home based in The Villages, Florida with two additional offices: Gainesville Florida and Fort Lauderdale Florida. Give us a call.

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