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Mold Inspection Gainsville

Residential & Commercial:   Mold Inspections, Mold Testing and Mold Sampling Experts. 


INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST (IMS) offers our clients an independent Mold Inspections and Mold Assessment without a hidden agenda. Our goal is to present a clear picture of the mold issues and concerns, identify existing and potential mold hazards and provide a written comprehensive mold assessment report to address the issues and concerns identified during the mold inspection, mold testing and mold survey. IMS scientific personnel (Degree Engineers, Chemist and Biologist) are experienced mold assessors in working with insurance companies and whether you are the insured or the insurer we can assist you in this process. We offer cause and origin mold inspections & assessments, industrial hygiene studies, environmental mold claims investigations, mold forensic studies, mold consulting, and mold expert witness services.

Are you looking for a Mold Inspection or Mold Testing in Gainesville?

If so, reach out to Indoor Microbial Specialist Services professional personnel! If you suspect that your property in Gainesville has a mold problem, you should act promptly to prevent a bigger issue! IMS is dedicated to the detection and prevention of mold and other microbial contaminants in your indoor environment. IMS was founded with many years of experience in the field of mold contamination. Our Mold Assessment (Mold Inspections, Mold Testing & Mold Survey) begins with an interview of the occupants of the house or office following up with a thorough visual mold inspection and mold screening of the interior and exterior of the building. Thereafter, we will be taking indoor air quality testing (IAQ), surface contact samples or SWABS to identify the root cause and origin of the mold colonies and moisture intrusion that supported the Mold growth.  Our Comprehensive Mold Assessment report is crafted for your understanding with detailed explanation of your mold issues discovered.

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What Is Mold Testing in Gainesville?

Molds are everywhere. Some are good and some are bad. Some mold spores enter into the air through the ventilation system, but it does not give a justification to say that the building has mold problems. Some molds grow on surfaces of things like walls, ceilings, floors, and building materials such as gypsum board, drywall, or plaster. To determine if there is mold growth in a building, you need to test for the presence of mold spores.

The purpose of a mold inspection is to determine if there are conditions in the building that could support mold growth. Mold inspections can identify moisture problems, damage from plumbing leaks or roof leaks, or water intrusion through cracks in walls and floors. Identifying these problems early on saves money by preventing structural damage to the building and protects your health by reducing mold growth.

John Acaron

When it comes to solving mold problems in Gainesville, Florida no one is more sought after than Indoor Microbial Specialist (Mold Testing).  John M. Acaron is a full-time mold testing and mold inspector professional with over 22 years of experience conducting mold inspections, mold testing and mold assessments in mold contaminated homes and commercial businesses.

There are different types of mold tests that can be performed, each with its own pros and cons. The three most common types of mold tests are air sampling, surface samples, or wipe sampling. Which type is used depends on the answers to a few questions: Are you testing for specific molds? Where are you most concerned about mold? What surfaces are you concerned about?

For more info about our mold testing services in Gainsville, FL call us at: 352-633-3591.

John M. Acaron, Sr., is the founder and Senior Chief Mold Assessor of HIUSA/IMS located in Gainesville, Florida. He has a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering (BSME), technical degree in Mechanical design and Metallurgy (TDME) and is a State of Florida License Mold Assessor & State of Florida Licensed Home  Inspector, and Board-Certified Master Inspector (CMI). He is our senior expert in mold investigations and studies and is fully bilingual (Spanish & English). John  Sr. has worked with the Department of Defense (DOD/NAVY/MARINE CORPS) in the capacity of Project Engineer (PE) and Project Manager (PM) in the design, development, construction and outfitting of large-scale military facilities (East coast & West coast in USA). John has conducted mold assessment in over tens of thousands of  properties throughout the state of Florida and is now home based in The Villages and in Gainesville, Florida. John is considered by his peers an organic microbial expert (mold investigations) in the state of Florida.

Get to Know your local Mold Inspector and Mold Assessor in Gainesville, Florida

John Acaron

Why Should You Hire IMS (Mold Testing) Here in Gainesville, Florida?

IMS (Mold Testing) will make your indoor environment a lot more habitable. That's because John M. Acaron is passionate about the importance of air quality and knows that mold, mildew, asbestos, and lead are just some contaminants we can remove from homes or workplaces to improve the client health!

Qualifications (John M. Acaron/IMS Senior Chief Mold Assessor):

Years of Experience:  22 years


Locally Owned & Operated: Gainesville Florida

Licensed: MRSA, CMI and HI

Insured: 100%

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