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                                           (CENTRAL, SOUTH AND NORTH  FLORIDA)


RESPIRATORY ISSUES? (Mold contamination inside your indoor living space) NEED A MOLD INSPECTION OR A MOLD ASSESSMENT? Got water leaks? Musty Odor? Visible mold? Sick at home? Allergies? Itchy eyes? Skin Rashes? Asthma attacks?

Hurricane flooding


When disaster strikes, the clock starts ticking. You can count on INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST for rapid response with proven results and workable solutions to any water intrusion situation, no matter how difficult. In the aftermath of a disaster, you'll want an emergency response service that you can rely on to get the job done. INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST Emergency Response Services Program was developed to provide immediate response for environmental testing and inspection services in an event such as water loss, flood or water damage or other environmental disaster such as hurricanes, tornadoes or heavy wind/rainstorms.

The first step if you property has experienced water intrusion and think your home or business has mold, is to schedule a mold inspection right away. Mold (and mildew) can grow on a number of surfaces, such as ceiling tiles ,  wallpaper, carpets, drywall, and wood products. Mold can pose a serious risk and hazard to your home and office if left untreated quickly. Emergency situations are time critical and need to be dealt with immediately as they can affect not only the

Moisture Intrusion Inspector

building but also the health of the occupants. INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST understands that quick response times are a critical factor for losses of any size. Our Mold Assessment and Mold Evaluation will specifically address the environmental issues identified inside the living space related to moisture intrusion, water intrusion, levels of airborne mold spores, musty odors and fungal growth.

enviromental protection agency

Our Chief State License Mold Assessor Mr. John M. Acaron is the principal and Operations Director of INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST responsible for conducting the Mold assessment and investigations. It all begins with an interview with our clients following with our facts find approach conducting a Mold screening and inspection inside the property inside living space. Instruments such as Moisture meters, Moisture detectors, Infrared Cameras,

High power lumen's flashlights are normally use to for the investigation. A series of sampling may be conducted such as Indoor Air Quality sampling, Bi-O-Tape Lift sampling, SWAB sampling, Bulk sampling, Cavity sampling, Dust sampling and Laboratory testing.

We offer our clients an independent Mold Assessment without a hidden agenda. Our goal is to present a clear picture of the situation, identify existing and potential hazards and provide a written protocol to remediate the problem. INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST personnel are experienced in working with insurance companies and whether you are the insured or the insurer we can assist you in this process.


INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST consultants will guide you through the process of determining the extent of the problem and the best course of action to resolve your mold problems.

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