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About our Mold Inspectors

Get to know your Mold Assessors & Mold Inspectors

John Acaron, Sr. (352-633-3591) The Villages, Florida

Norbert Fabre (954-271-5394) Fort Lauderdale, Florida

John M. Acaron, Jr. (352-633-3591) Gainesville, Florida


INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST (IMS) personnel are distinguished by their background in Engineering, Chemistry/Biology, Organic Microbial and Residential & Commercial construction and by their extensive theoretical experience with intricacies of structural & environmental mold issues. Our professional staff has extensive experience providing expert witness testimony depositions, and documented reports for attorneys, law firms and individuals. We are experts in IAQ testing, site survey, data analyses and forensic studies. IMS is home based in The Villages, Florida with offices in Gainesville, Florida and in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

We at INDOOR MICROBIAL (MOLD) SPECIALIST are experienced in construction, mold investigations, scientific evaluations seasoned professionals (Engineers/BSME, TDME, BSCE & Chemist /BSChem), Certified Master Inspectors (CMI) and Mold Assessors who have examined over many tens of thousands of properties (Residential, Commercial, Federal Government and Medical facilities) for prospective buyers and sellers in the state of Florida.

John M. Acaron, Sr., is the founder and the Senior Chief Mold Assessor of HIUSA/IMS located in The Villages, Florida. He has a bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering (BSME), technical degree in Mechanical design and Metallurgy (TDME) and is a State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor & State of Florida Licensed Home Inspector, and Board-Certified Master Inspector (CMI). He is our senior expert in mold investigations and mold forensic studies and is fully bilingual (Spanish & English). John  Sr. has worked with the Department of Defense (DOD/NAVY/MARINE CORPS) in the capacity of Project Engineer (PE) and Project Manager (PM) in the design, development, construction and outfitting of large-scale military facilities (East coast & West coast in USA). He also has significant experience in commercial and residential construction; he has managed and built a number of large residential waterfront and non-waterfront houses in the state of Florida. John has conducted mold assessment in over tens of thousands of  properties throughout the state of Florida. John is considered a organic microbial expert (mold investigations) in the state of Florida among his peers. He also provide guidance, education and hands on training to his colleges and counterpart in the mold industry.

Norbert C. Fabre has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Civil Engineering (BSCE & MSCE) and is State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor with vast experience in design, construction, mold testing, analyses, scheduling and planning.  Norbert is fully bilingual (Spanish & English). His forte is in mold testing / mold sampling, data collection, analyses and report writing. He is experienced in performing Mold Investigations, Mold Testing, Mold Sampling and developing comprehensive mold assessment reports. He has over 9 years managing residential, commercial, and industrial projects. He currently is the Chief Mold Assessor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

John M. Acaron, Jr. is a professional senior Project Chemist (BSChem/Bio) with 15 years of experience in environmental studies, IAQ mold sampling, VOC assessments, analytical and mold sampling techniques. He is fully bilingual (Spanish & English). John, Jr. also has significant experience in commercial and residential construction; he has been involved in the construction of a number of large residential waterfront and non-waterfront houses in the state of Florida. Additionally, John, Jr. is registered and certified by different environmental organizations, to perform environmental services such as Organic Microbial (Mold Screening & Mold Investigations. John Jr. Has been involved in thousands of mold inspections and investigations. He currently manage the office in Gainesville, Florida area.

Meet Your Chief Mold Inspector,
John M. Acaron, Sr.

Mold Inspector John Acaron

Our Story

The need for experienced mold experts with a balanced view is critical to put into perspective the 4000-year-old issue with mold. Our staff consists of experts in building envelope evaluation, forensic and diagnostic investigations, water intrusion analysis, toxic mold investigations, toxic mold remediation protocols, construction failures, construction defect analysis, structural and mechanical engineering, project management, and expert witness testimony. This strong and diverse leadership, along with nearly 22 years of experience, provides us the skill and diversity to work within budgets to handle any building issue (residential or commercial).  


We are your local "INDEPENDENT" professional Mold Inspection and Mold Assessment company working "ONLY" for your best interest. We do "NOT" have any association with local building contractors, real estate companies, insurance companies, lending institutions or mold remediation companies. IMS provides mold comprehensive mold consulting services throughout the state of Florida. IMS offers cause and origin mold assessments, mold inspections, mold testing, industrial hygiene studies, environmental mold claims investigations, consulting and mold expert witness services. Our clients are homeowners,  commercial, industrial, insurance companies, attorneys, medical facilities, government facilities (City, County, State & Federal). Home based in The Villages, Florida with offices in Gainesville, Florida and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


  • State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor / Inspector #MRSA1895

  • State of Florida Licensed Home Inspector #HI80

  • State of Florida Mold Assessor # MRSA4013

  • Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering (BSME)

  • Bachelor Degree in Science & Technology (BS&T)

  • Bachelor Degree in Chem-Bio (BS Chem-Bio)

  • Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering (BSCE)

  • Technical Degree in Mechanical Engineering (TDME)

  • Certified Home Inspector by NACHI # 04071975

  • Certified Mold Inspector by PRO-LAB # PLP11611

  • Certified Air Consultants: # IAC2-00-3392

  • Board Certified Master Inspector (CMI)

  • Member of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI)

  • Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

  • Member of Environmental Solutions Association (ESA)

  • Member of Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA)

  • Member of the US Chamber of Commerce (USCC)

  • Member of PRO-LAB Professional Partners Program

  • Member of AARP

  • Member of Better Business Bureau (BBB) pending

  • Completed over 23,950 projects (single, multi-family, commercial & federal government construction projects) USA & overseas.

  • Managed and Inspected large-scale federal government construction facilities from groundbreaking to completion and outfitting.

  • 46 years staff combined engineering experience, and expertise in construction, operations, system implementation and management of commercial and federal government projects (small & large).

  • 34 years Air Force & Navy (Engineering)

  • Bi-lingual (English & Spanish)

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